Fabric Update

Fabric Update

I am creating a schedule for dyeing linen.  If anyone has a request for a particular color and count please let me know.

I have odd-sized pieces of 28 count.

32, 36, 40, and 46 count are available from fat eighths to fat halves.

I have two odd-sized pieces of 56 count.

Please choose from colors listed on the website under "custom fat eighths to fat halves."

Once you have chosen your color, please contact me via shop chat or the "contact us" link.  I need to know what color you would like!  

When I have made your fabric, I will send you an invoice.  Please make sure I have your email address!

If you don't really need a custom sized piece, I will still take fabric color and count suggestions for the shop.

I am considering retiring some of the older colors (and a couple of counts!) so your input is appreciated.  Your opinion matters!

 Thank you and as always, happy stitching!

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