Five of my favorite stitching tools

Five of my favorite stitching tools

I've been stitching a LONG time with no time off... 33 years... a lifetime.  I thought I would share five of my favorite things.  My favorite gadgets are not limited to five by any means, but these are five I'd rather not do without.

#1 Pony Black needles

I am allergic to nickel and it was game over until these came into my life, suggested to me by a kind stitcher on Instagram.  Without these, cross stitch needles make my fingers blister and peel.  It's hard to not stitch, so then another blister forms, and another peel, until there is nothing but raw painful flesh remaining.  I was ready to give up before finding these.  (No, lotions don't work.  I don't like gloves (I have nerve damage in my hands and I need to FEEL what I am doing.) These work for me.

#2 Bead tubes

I got these at Hobby Lobby.  They are so much better than trying to deal with the commercial packaging and exploding beads all over the room.   These tubes have lids that just lift off, not unscrew.


#3 Star De-Tailor

I've seen reviews where stitchers are complaining that they tear their floss with this.  I don't have that problem.  Be gentle!  I can't live without one and buy them in multiples.  I guess I should learn to end my floss early, but I suffer from it'll-make-it syndrome.

One warning: Do NOT put them down on a strong magnet.  The can get torn apart.  Experience is speaking here.

#4 Tacky Bill

I can get these if you would like to order one, but you can't choose your pattern.  The flamingo works for me!  They hold your beads in place and it is easy to pick them up with your beading needle.  One warning:  Do NOT leave beads inside your Tacky Bill for an extended period of time.  They will become gummy and you won't be able to use them.

#5 Art tote

I'll never go back to project bags again.  This is so much better.  There's plenty of room for your project, bead box, floss, chart, scissors, needlebook, and anything else you enjoy using.  Nice handles for transporting... a winner all around.  I have had up to 3 projects in one of these with no problem!

What are your favorite stitching tools/gadgets?

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