Marking up charts

Marking up charts

If you are an Apple user, I have this tip for you.

Take pictures or scans of your pattern that is not compatible with Markup or Pattern Keeper.

Open Freeform, which comes with your Apple operating system.

Drag or paste the pictures into the board.

Click on each individual picture.  A lock and an eye appear.  Click on the lock to lock the picture into place.  (If you forget this step, your chart and your coloring will remain separate -- and you could accidentally drag it away, which is not good.)

You can zoom in on the chart and color it in on your iPad or phone using an Apple pencil or equivalent.  Sometimes I use one color for the whole project, and sometimes I color it close to the floss color.  I always change the pen to more transparent as I want to see the symbols underneath.  You may or may not choose to do that.

For large patterns, you can also take a screen shot or photo of just the floss key.  When you add this to Freeform, DO NOT lock it.  Now, you can drag it all over your pattern so you can see it while you are stitching.

Freeform is FREE.  I have not found an Android equivalent.

Happy stitching!


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